Private Yoga & Online Yoga

Everyone starts yoga as a beginner. The same was true for me…I didn’t know what downward dog was! The only thing you need to start is interest. Begin with a Private Session or take an online class for beginners.

Yoga Classes

The first yoga class I took in NYC bored me to tears. It wasn’t until later that I learned there are many styles of yoga. Once I found Ashtanga, it all clicked. Ashtanga is unique in three ways: 1) we follow a set sequence of poses 2) each pose is held for five breaths and 3) we focus our gaze on one point. The idea is to tune into yourself, know what’s coming next, and focus the gaze in order to focus the mind. If you’re not sure where to begin, start with a private session or send me a message with your questions.

Mind in Balance.

How do we still the mind? How do we create balance? We begin by looking within. In Ashtanga, the intention is to “occupy” the body in order to tune in to the mind. That’s when we discover our internal messaging. Messaging that maybe doesn’t serve us. Time and time again, I’ve seen Ashtanga Yoga profoundly impact my student’s mental and physical wellbeing. You can practice Ashtanga if you’re not flexible AND a beginner. Review the online class schedule or sign up for my mailing list. Start today!