Yoga Basics

You don’t have to be an expert at yoga to begin. When I first started, I couldn’t do much of anything, let alone lift myself off the mat. You don’t need a background in gymnastics or ballet or be an athlete. Just start. Today.

Ashtanga Yoga

The very first yoga class I took in NYC bored me to tears. It wasn’t until later that I learned there are many styles of yoga. Once I found the style of yoga called Ashtanga, I knew this is what I wanted. Ashtanga is unique in that each pose is held for five breaths and it follows a set sequence. You learn the order of poses and that is your practice. Are you wondering if it’s boring? Well, have you ever tried to meditate? That’s usually when we discover the nonstop circus that is our brain! If you are interested in tuning into yourself and finding a yoga practice to help silence the internal and external noise, Ashtanga may be just the thing. Give it a try and see!

Mind in Balance.

How do we still the mind? How do we create balance? We begin by looking within. In Ashtanga, we use a very physical style of yoga to “occupy” the body so that we can begin to tune in more closely to the mind. That’s when we might discover our own internal messaging. Messaging that maybe doesn’t serve us? Limits us? Time and time again, I’ve seen Ashtanga Yoga profoundly impact my student’s wellbeing. And yes, you can practice Ashtanga if you’re a) not flexible b) a beginner c) have never done yoga before (or, one more time for emphasis) d) really not flexible