Private Yoga

Nothing quite compares to in-person private yoga sessions. Having someone carefully guide you through the poses, listening to the breath, and gently providing physical adjustments allows for the most transformative experience possible. I am available for private sessions in my home or, depending on location, at your home. Group classes are also an option and serve as a fun birthday gift or a unique experience for the whole family, children welcome!

My instruction and teaching are in the Ashtanga style of yoga. To inquire about a private or group session, click here to send me a message.

For privates located 15 miles beyond my home, a travel fee of $30 is added to the individual or group rate. I also offer private instruction via Zoom.

As of May 2021, I am vaccinated against Covid-19 (Pfizer vaccine).


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Private pay-in-advance:

  • 1-hour session = $100 
  • 2 Private sessions = $175  
  • 5 Private sessions = $425
  • 10 Private sessions = $800
Private sessions bought in bulk are valid for one year from the date of purchase.


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For groups of 3 – 5 people:

  • $175 for 60 mins

For groups of 6 – 9 people:

  • $225 for 60 mins

For groups of 10 – 14 people:

  • $275 for 60 mins