Slow and Steady

It takes time to wake up and this class will help! This Slow and Steady class will start with a guided meditation and/or pranayama breathing exercises. No experience is necessary for either the meditation or pranayama exercises.

After this reflective beginning, we will slowly start moving the body. We may begin with some gentle seated poses and then move into standing poses. We will move with intention and each movement will be linked to an inhale or exhale. While the class is based on Ashtanga traditions (steady gaze, poses held for 5 breaths, stability) it will not move quickly nor will we have many vinyasas between poses.

You are welcome to join class at 6:30 am and do the meditation/pranayama or join in at 6:45 am for the asana portion.

As always, if you need to leave before the end of class, you are most welcome. Please let me know if this is the case so I can cue you when to begin your savasana so that you have a rest pose before your practice ends.

Please note, practice should be done on an empty stomach (no eating 2 hours prior), in a warm spot and without music. Tune in to your internal experience.

Open for beginners and experienced practitioners.


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Rachel Wood
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Slow Ashtanga08.00 am - 09.00 am
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