Accent Reduction

Does your native accent affect you in the workplace? Do colleagues or clients strain to understand you when you speak? I've helped clients around the world reduce their accent in order to communicate more effectively. Whether you're aiming for a General American Accent or a Standard English Accent, I can help. It's easy to get started. Learn how.


You need an accent for an audition? Or you need to sound more "neutral"? I've worked with actors in theatre, TV and film both to prepare for auditions, or pilot season, and also on set as hired by the production company. If you're ready to take the next step in your career, contact me today. Learn about my rates here -

Production Companies

If you're looking for an on-set coach, or need Skype sessions for one or two actors, I'm happy to help. I've worked on location, worked remotely for actors across the US, Canada and South Africa and I've also been called in to correct prior coaching that was unsuccessful. Everyone learns an accent differently and my job is to find the right approach for the right person. Contact me to learn about my rates.

Recent Projects

Most recently I worked as the Dialect Coach on Jake Paltrow's latest film, I did some accent reduction for a French businesswoman, and helped a German actress perfect an English, American and Russian accent. My upcoming projects include a BBC film being shot in South Africa and work on a French film being shot in Montreal.


Traveling for work

Worked on Jake Paltrow's film, starring Michael Shannon, Nicholas Hoult and Elle Fanning, shot near the Namibian border was a delicious project. We completed filming in late February 2013 and then I flew to Los Angeles to learn a new approach to dialect work, "Knight-Thompson Speechwork". Then I relocated to  NYC and worked as a Dialect Coach for an Italian film. After giving birth to my son, my partner and I relocated to Cape Town, South Africa for work. Since returning to the States, I've been working with old clients, new clients and international clients. 


Banner years

During these years in Cape Town, I was incredibly busy. I worked on many TVC's; Claritin, Clearasil, BMW, Clorox, Bounty, Pepsi and Crest. I was on location for many films, including Dredd, Mary & Martha, Chronicle and Lost Boys 3. I was asked to coach several actors for theatre productions including a staged version of "Annie" and "Hamlet." My private coaching grew to expand actors who needed accents in American English, RP English, Cuban, Russian, Australian, Swedish and Indian to name a few. I was working mostly in South Africa, with a few stints in America. My MFA from Sarah Lawrence College was paying off!


Furthering my Training

I was accepted into the MFA program at Sarah Lawrence College, just north of New York City, so these years saw my development as a Dialect Coach and creative person grow exponentially. Originally I trained as an actor, but I spent many years in NYC as a theatre director, dialect coaching on the side. During my time in Grad School, I began to understand how my training as an actor and director would help me when dialect coaching. Understanding acting intentions, as well as what directors need, was invaluable to clients.


From farm girl to New Yorker

I moved from Central New York State to New York City for my BFA at Pace University. After graduation, I worked as an actress, as a theatre director, and did some dialect coaching on the side. I had jobs in the non-profit sector as well as on Wall Street. I spent 16 months traveling around the world, developed an abiding love for tea and learned American sign language. I lived large.

Does dialect coaching work?

I am often asked whether it's possible for anyone to learn an accent or change their original accent. The short answer is "Yes!" This short video is a collection of films and commercials I've worked on:

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